Best Of 2017: TECHNOLOGY


Whether it’s the phone in your hand — which has more memory than a traditional library — or the computer your children use to finish their math homework such as algebra and trigonometry, there’s no doubt that I have just hinted at the amazing power of technology in today’s world.

In 2017, we saw technology affect our lives as never before. From the high-speed home office to the hyperlinked office kitchenette, from cable TV to the USA (government agencies), Americans’ ingenuity and savvy have increased our quality of life like never before … via “tech.” Simply put, it is now possible to own a plastic blob in your house that turns music on and off when you yell at it. If that’s not “technological awesomesauce,” then I don’t know what is — and baby, I don’t wanna know, if I can be honest for the duration of this special moment in which I write about my “technology feelings.”

And so let’s fire up the laptop, engage the satellite link, and upload THE TOP TEN TECHNOLOGIES OF 2017:  

10. Computer technologies

9. Digital workarounds

8. Efficient technologies

7. Cutting-edge technology

6. Marvelous technology that is coveted by smart people

5. System technologies

4. Wonderful technology

3. “Hennnnry!” “Yes, dear?” “Did you download the app?” (Sighing) “Yes, dear.” (But really he’s happy because it’s a good app)

2. Can you believe how lucky we are with the technology

1. Edible toilets




stock-photo-businessman-on-a-podium-making-a-speech-or-announcement-207969922If you need to reach many people at once, there’s no better choice than making an announcement. From subways to shopping malls, from airplanes to football stadiums, when people hear an announcement, they pay attention and become informed. Because 2017 was a fast-paced year with high stakes — a year with shifting conditions and multiple factors influencing it — there can be no doubt we saw record numbers of announcements.

Some of these announcements (especially big political announcements) will quickly become part of our shared history. Others will be quickly forgotten. But one thing we can say about the announcements of 2017 is, “Turn the loudspeakers up and keep those announcements comin’!”

And so without any further ado, I am happy to ANNOUNCE that the time has come to commemorate the TOP TEN ANNOUNCEMENTS OF 2017:

10. Political announcements

9. Official announcements

8. Proclamations

7. Corporate announcements (concerning bargains, promotions, sales, etc.)

6. Announcements via loudspeaker

5. Family announcements

4. Announcements where you can’t believe what you’re hearing

3. Informative announcements delivered with normal inflection

2. When they announce something and you’re like “I’m here for this announcement”

1. The greatest announcements

Best Of 2017: PODCASTS

From downloading your favorite episodes, to listening to a new download of your podcast, 2017 was a banner year for the podcast industry. Podcasts have never been more popular or more influential, and the statistics to back up this claim are freely available to anyone who cares to learn more.

Happy man listening music

If you listened to a podcast this year, give yourself a round of applause — you are part of a vital new entertainment and information revolution, one that shows no sign of slowing down. Podcasts are now as powerful as movies and video games (to say the least). So pump up the volume, order a product using a special promotional code, and get ready to hear people talking … because that’s “the podcast way.” And the podcast way is here to stay. And podcasts have only 2017 to thank, for 2017 was truly the Year of the Podcast. And that’s all there is to it.

Here are the TOP TEN PODCASTS OF 2017:

10. “Did you hear the latest podcast?”

9. Political podcasts

8. New podcasts

7. (TIE) Innovations in podcasting technology / True-crime podcasts

6. Podcast networks

5. Comedy podcasts

4. Podcasts that make the days go by

3. Some of the best podcasts

2. Controversial podcasts

1. Your friend’s podcast

Best Of 2017: FURNITURE

When historians look back on 2017, they will no doubt be astonished at the furniture we enjoyed this year. A combination of technology, innovation, and fine woods and metals allowed craftsmakers to design and construct wonderful furniture!

From tables to chairs, 2017 was the year high-quality furniture truly made itself “at home.” And what better place for furniture to be? After all, a house is not a home without a family, and a family has no place to sit until they buy (or are given) furniture.

Let’s celebrate a great year for furniture. Let’s honor 2017.

Here are the TOP TEN FURNITURES OF 2017:

10. Mass-market furniture

9. Medium-quality furniture

8. Appropriate furniture

7. Solid wooden furniture, is anything more satisfying

6. Furniture that’s a little bit edgy but still comfortable if you’re sitting on the furniture

5. Big huge tables that are gigantic

4. Online furniture stores

3. Innovative furniture

2. “I love my new furniture”

1. Mmm, lemme sit on that

Best Of 2017: MOVIES

It’s no secret that 2017 was one of the best years in recent memory. Like a blockbuster movie, this year had something for everyone — and left everyone feeling happy and satisfied due to its overall excellence in every regard. Basically, like the bumper sticker says, when it comes to 2017, “If you’re not overjoyed, you’re NOT PAYING ATTENTION.”

And so, as the year winds down, it’s time for a tradition like no other … a gleeful celebration of good works and noble ideals … (as well as a sober look back at events and factors that defined this year) … a summary of all that we’ve seen, as well as a discussion of all that we’ve lived through. We stand atop a hilltop surveying the landscape of 2017, and we draw a map so that we can make sense of it all … “What does it all mean, where are we, 2017 we love you so much, your hills and valleys have touched us like no other …” 

Let’s cut to the chase: It’s time for my year-end lists. These are the only lists that matter. If you are a longtime reader of my lists, they need no introduction. They are, simply, the best lists. If you are a new reader who has found these lists, welcome! You are about to learn more about 2017 than you ever thought possible, and it is my hope that these lists will inspire you and give you insights into our world and the times we live in, especially the year 2017.

I’ve been thinking a lot about traditions lately, and I’ve been wondering if my lists are the greatest tradition. I believe the answer is Yes. But I leave the final judgment to you, the reader of my lists, which are about to begin (they will be posted to this web site and live forever).

So without any further ado, let’s begin my lists!


Here are the TOP TEN MOVIES OF 2017.

Oh! I forgot to say: From big studio movies to tiny independent movies, 2017 was the year movies showed us who we are. When it comes to film, nothing beats going to the movies in 2017. Cinema is the art of looking at movies, and to that I say, “Here’s looking at you, kid.” 

Now, without any further ado of any kind, here are the TOP TEN MOVIES OF 2017:

10. Decent movies

9. Auteur movies made by visionaries

8. Fun movies the whole family can enjoy

7. Historical movies

6. Movies that make us think and go “Hmm”

5. Raunchy comedies

4. Movies that made us laugh and cry

3. Pretty good movies

2. Award-winning movies

1. The best movies of the year … there can be no further discussion



Whether we like it or not, 2016 is coming to a close. Many of us wish we could simply hit “rewind” and do this year over again (in order to savor its many pleasures), but alas time moves in only one direction … or does it???

This is where palindromes come in. Palindromes are words that sound great in both directions, whether moving backwards or forwards in time. They offer a model of stability in our ever-changing world of permanent flow.

And 2016’s top palindromes were no different. At their best, they made sense coming and going, offering the fresh perspectives of new thoughts and ideals no matter which way you sliced them.

Ladies and gentlemen, here are the TOP TEN PALINDROMES OF 2016:

10. Hey! Ask for ska! Yeh.

9. I saw La La Land … was I?

8. Erm …. propaganda makes apps gag, good ska is nice music if ya ask me

7. 2016 eats poo, oops. (6102)

6. Ah! Let’s get to the bottom of mottled style together — ha!

5. (TIE) Is it Monday? Dayyyum, ’tis! / Fan snafu is us; it’s fun as “F”

4. Topical palindromes

3. Scooby-Doo books

2. Donald Trump’s neo-Nazi butt drops mud turds, proud dumptruck (Putin) is amazin’ “on tha D”

1. Worry not tomorrow

Thanks to all my readers for reading my lists! I wish you a happy new year and I will talk to you soon via my web site.

Best Of 2016: LIFESTYLES

When all is said and done, you are nothing more than your lifestyle. From the moment you get out of bed, to the moment you get back into bed at night, your behavior, thoughts, clothes, and conversations all contribute to your identity as the paragon of your own lifestyle.


Just as 2016 saw the acceleration of technology and communications, our mode of “lifestyle communication” also increased such that our lifestyles were moving (developing) faster than ever. That’s one reason 2016 was so exciting for most lifestyle practitioners (i.e., human beings, otherwise known as you and me!).

Let’s take a break from the hustle and bustle of the day-to-day and simply enjoy the TOP TEN LIFESTYLES OF 2016:

10. High-impact lifestyles

9. Healthy lifestyles

8. Monetize your lifestyle

7. When you go out with friends and realize yours is the superior lifestyle

6. Up-to-date lifestyles

5. (TIE) Computer lifestyle / A lifestyle to be celebrated in our memory

4. Almost top-tier lifestyles

3. Lifestyles that make ya go “Hmmm”

2. The greatest lifestyle ever achieved … from the dawn of history we have been waiting for this lifestyle to be made manifest in human form … now it moves among us and shows us how to achieve our final state

1. Fun lifestyles

Best Of 2016: HENRY

10. “Henry!” “Yes, dear?” “How are you?” “I’m pretty good.”

9. “Hennnry!” “Yes, dear?” “Did you remember to get the fresh eggs?” “I sure did!” “Wonderful! Thanks, Henry.”

8. “Hennnnnnnry!” “Yes, dear?” “What day is it?” “Monday, I think.” “RIGHT AGAIN!”

7. When Henry’s in the zone personally and professionally

6. “Excuse me, sir: Are you Henry?” “I am.” “Oh, good. This is a present from your wife.” “Oh, what a nice surprise!” (LATER) “Thanks for the present!” “You’re welcome, Hennnnnry.”

5. Some of the best Henry

4. When you gotta give a shout-out to Henry

3. “Have you heard about Henry?” “What about him?” “He’s chillin’ … as always.” “Good, glad to hear it.”

2. When Henry’s near the top

1. Henry’s at the top

Best Of 2016: MOMENTS

Years are made up of individual days, and 2016 was no different. What set 2016 apart, however, was the nature of those days. Simply put, the days of 2016 were defined by extraordinary moments — moments that, once identified, helped us make sense of the time we live in, which in this year’s case was 2016, the year of our recent days and moments.

What moments we shared! Let’s take a “moment” to celebrate the MOST IMPORTANT MOMENTS OF 2016:

10. Cultural moments

9. Political moments

8. When you listen to a podcast and they say, “I think we’re in a unique moment right now,” and then they talk about how a new TV show is related to that moment and you’re like “HONEY GET IN HERE, YOU GOTTA HEAR THIS!!!”

7. Interesting moments

6. Moments to treasure with friends and loved ones

5. This is your moment to shine

4. The current moment

3. (TIE) Zeitgeist moments / The moment everything turns to shit

2. “Gotta get more moments, I’m addicted to these moments”

1. The moment that makes sense of everything once and for all

Best Of 2016: BOOKS

Whatever you think of them, books continue to bring out the best in us. Just as vitamins help us digest food and increase muscle mass, books help us digest the ideas of the day and increase our brain power. Empathy, understanding, and intelligence are all increased when we read books.


These are just some of the reasons 2016 was a great year for books. Other reasons include the pleasures of fiction, the successes of the publishing industry, and the way a new book smells when you open it. When all is said and done, we must admit: 2016 was a year for the books.

Here are the BEST BOOKS OF 2016:

10. Hardcover books

9. Pop-up books

8. Books to be read on the ground with your lover

7. Books that impress your friends

6. E-books

5. (TIE) Novels / Affordable books

4. High-quality books

3. Collectible books

2. Bestsellers

1. Books with good blurbs