Best Of 2020: SPORTS



How will history remembers the sports of 2020? There were special bubbles, delayed tournaments, tragic outcomes, and of course … more excitement than ever before! Sports, perhaps more than any other aspect of our culture, show us the true winners and losers of life. If you play by the rules and exercise, practice with your teammates, and obey your coach, you may have a chance at becoming a Legend of Sports.

From tennis to baseball, sports in 2020 saw many such legends achieve new heights in their favored pastime. (A true champion, one whose heart beats like a world-class winner, will stay focused no matter what, thinking of only of the next game.) Those champions found their rewards in 2020 — as the world went wild, they stayed calm, disciplined, and focused on their sport. And sure enough, many athletes were winners this year. Their victories made them shine brighter than ever — and they inspired us to do better in our own lives. That surely means more than any championship trophy.

So let’s stand tall, cheer, and celebrate the TOP TEN SPORTS OF 2020:

10. Sports played purely for the love of the game

9. Knock knock, who’s there, Dunk, “Dunk” who, Slam Dunk

8. Winners

7. Sports with high scores 

6. “Hennnry!” “Yes, dear?” “What time is the game on?” “Which game, dear?” “THE CHAMPIONSSSHIPPPP” (so frustrated her voice slows down)

5. In spite of the challenges, when sports rose to the occasion and we love sports

4. Professional sports played at the highest level

3. E-sports

2. Thrilling games as exciting as any movie

1. Sports that brought us together