Best Of 2020: MEMES


As Americans spent more and more time online in 2020, they created (and enjoyed) more and more memes online. Memes can be confusing for those who aren’t familiar with internet culture. But for those of us in the know, nothing pleases us more than stumbling upon a new meme and sharing it with online friends.

Memes can sum up a complicated issue in a matter of seconds; memes can make a joke about a shared experience; memes can cut to the quick and bring a proud man (or woman) back down to earth. In short, memes are the oxygen of online reality. And in 2020, we needed them more than ever. You see, in 2020 we all needed things to read and see while using our computers — and this is where memes truly shine.

Here are the TOP TEN MEMES OF 2020:

10. Hilarious memes — not “funny” memes, but truly HILARIOUS memes

9. Cartoon animal memes

8. Jammin’ memes

7. LOL, can you remember that funny meme

6. I saw some aspect of my own self in that meme, damn man, that meme got me

5. 2020 memes

4. “Hennnry?” “Yes, dear?” “Are we a meme?” “I don’t know”

3. (TIE) Relatable memes / Memes where you have to know a particular reference to truly understand the meme

2. Stupendous memes

1. Memes that call out to us from hell