Best Of 2020: MOVIES


The unexpected challenges of 2020 left no industry unscathed, and that includes the Movie Industry. From Hollywood to New York, all who make their living by making movies found themselves in unfamiliar waters, negotiating the needs of safety with the needs of making better movies. To balance these needs was often complex. As theaters closed and release dates were pushed back, many movie studios grappled with issues and strategies that were unique to their movies — and yet, in the tradition of classic feel-good films, they didn’t give up.

Rest assured, the movies will shine once more!

So let’s all enjoy the final act of this grand movie sequel known as “2019 Part II: 2020,” as we bring 2020 to a close but we won’t forget the wonderful movies …

Here are the TOP TEN MOVIES OF 2020:

10. Movies that helped us forget

9. (TIE) Movies we streamed online / Films of different sizes

8. Widescreen blockbusters that simply must be experienced to have been believed, the director’s commentary will be a treat according to my movie friend

7. Indie films with … shall we say … “unique”-looking actors

6. A single movie that brought us all together; what could be more important in times such as these

5. Movies with dialogue that sounds realistic

4. “This film shines like … feature film … an experience like no other!” –Praise on a poster for the movie

3. Movies about brave heroes

2. A director makes a nice movie

1. Superman