Best Of 2020: TECHNOLOGY


Technology is the art of moving forward. Grounded in science, yet inspired by creative thinking, new technologies improve our lives in ways both large and small. Everything from your dishwasher to your favorite invention is a result of people using technology to innovate and add value to many aspects of life.

One of the defining things about this year (2020) was the way we used technology to stay connected — and grounded — in a changing world. When we needed it most, technology didn’t just show up … it stepped up. From online conference calls to the latest apps, technology was the constant in a world of change and made everything just a little bit better. Medicine, too, may be considered a technology. “Silicon Valley brings out the best in us” is another point I wish to emphasize in this essay. One final thing: You’re reading these words using technology. And that’s something worth celebrating.

Technology asks us to always look to the future, but at the end of the year it’s also appropriate to look backwards, to review all the ways technology has made life different than it would be otherwise. Having said that, let’s enjoy ourselves by reviewing this list of the TOP TEN TECHNOLOGIES OF 2020:

10. Technology factors

9. Computerized technologies with elements of innovation

8. More recent technologies

7. Wonderful technologies of 2020

6. Medical technologies available for purchase using credit-card technologies

5. Technological research

4. (TIE) Mechanisms / Hopeless technologies

3. “I’m glad you told me about the technology. Let’s feast in celebration!”

2. Corporate technologies that help the common good

1. Technological perfection of the highest caliber, what could be described as “The Very Best Technology”