Best Of 2020: VIDEO GAMES

Here’s all you need to know about video games: The video game industry is worth more money than the movie industry. On any given night, there are more video games than television shows in major US households. These two statistics combine to form a phenomenon known as “video-game excellence is here to stay with us.”

Video games have come a long way in this year (of 2020), and not a moment too soon. As Americans turned to video games, video games were eager to turn Americans on: Many buttons were pressed, many controllers were used, many game systems were purchased as we laser-blasted our way through the latest digital romper room known as new video games to enjoy.

Here are the TOP TEN VIDEO GAMES OF 2020:

10. Clicking games

9. Shooting games

8. Puzzle games, you are now free to puzzle to your mind

7. Animal games

6. Viral games that are social

5. Jump and smash the car, yell “Hooray for me!”

4. First-person games where the star of the game is YOU

3. Quiet games of reflection

2. Colorful, snazzy video games

1. Video games are here to stay