Around The World In 80 Plates Of Grey

Guess what? Here’s another recap of everyone’s* favorite show!

Curtis Stone announces that Nookie and John have won $10,000. They shout and smile, and I cannot help but feel happy for them. Curtis Stone is the perfect host, generous with his wealth. His eyes twinkle handsomely, and I feel an electric charge zapping beneath my skin. Wow. He really is a fine specimen of a man, and before I know it I’m licking the TV screen, enjoying my very own Curtis-Stone flavored popsicle, as my inner goddess does cartwheels through an abandoned bubblegum factory.

(*maybe not)

Around The World In 800,000 Plates Recap

Here’s another recap of the crazy cooking show everyone is not really talking about!

Dos Cielas is run by twins named Sergio and Javier Torres. They are close personal friends with José Andrés, a chef so famous and talented my chef friend said, “Whoa” with an intonation suggesting “Why is that guy appearing on this dumb show?”

Review Of How To Sharpen Pencils

Here’s a nice review of HOW TO SHARPEN PENCILS that was published on the New Yorker’s blog:

The tension between the desire for perfection and the need to live in a world in which perfection is impossible is a covert theme in the book, and Rees’s frequent allusions to the analogous relationship between an imperfect pencil tip and an imperfect life seem both goofily ironic and utterly sincere.

Many thanks to reviewer Mark O’Connell for his thoughtful response to my work!

End Of Tour Pencil-Pointing Party

Greetings from North Carolina! My pencil-sharpening tour is just about done. Thanks to everyone who came to the events in Durham and Asheville — they were really fun!

This Friday I’m doing a final event for the HOW TO SHARPEN PENCILS tour. Joining me will be John Hodgman and Jonathan Coulton.

You can buy tickets for the event here.

I’m tired! I’m gonna take another nap!

Around The World In 80 Plates

Hello, blog readers from the internet! I’ve been so busy on my pencil tour that I forgot to let you know that I’m recapping a new reality food show on Bravo called “AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 PLATES.”

The first recap is here:

Over at the Drapers Arms, Red Team announces they have temporarily changed the name of the pub to British Love, American Pride (!?!). The British patrons, to their credit, are openly furious.

I guess that’s it for today’s installment of my blog.

Each One, Teach One

Yesterday morning I had the pleasure of speaking to a class of second graders about my pencil-sharpening business. These kids GOT IT. They UNDERSTAND what I am DOING.

I showed them photos of antique pencil sharpeners in my book:

We reviewed the parts of a pencil:

I even let them look at some of the sharpeners in my toolkit!

Overall it was a very nice visit. The only thing that made me mad was when one of the kids asked how much I charge per pencil; I said, “How much do you think I charge?” and one kid yelled, “Five dollars” and I made a pained noise. Then another kid said “One dollar?” and then some wiseacre said “twenty-five cents?” I raised my voice over the din and said, “FIFTEEN DOLLARS PER PENCIL!”

I sharpened a pencil for the class and bagged the shavings and told them to charge other classes a quarter to look at it and to send me the money every Friday.