Best Of 2013: SCIENCE

Some say “Love makes the world go ’round,” but if you really want to know the answer, you should look to Science. From the furthest reaches of space to the tiniest atom sitting right in our lap, when we look to science for the answers, we’re on the right path.

And whether you were reading the hottest peer-reviewed journal or talking to a friend or relative who works with science, you must admit: 2013 was a banner year for science. Because of the exploding human population, we have an abundance of scientists — more than we’ve ever had before. According to some estimates, there are now five scientists for every regular person on Earth. And we couldn’t be luckier, because there’s a lot of weird diseases out there and they need to be cured ASAP! Not to mention global climate change, pollution, and cars that can drive themselves Good Lord when did we lose our way on that one? Let’s ask … the scientists.

Here is my list of THE BEST OF SCIENCE FOR 2013:

10. Chemistry

9. Laboratory Science

8. Computer Science

7. “Heeenry! Did you remember to do your experiments?!” “Yes, dear.”

6. (TIE) Physics / Solve the quadratic equation about molecules

5. Explaining science in school (science education)

4. “We ran the test three times in a double-blind study. The results are clear: THIS IS REAL SCIENCE.”

3. Ethnomusicology

2. Some of the best science

1. Winning a Nobel Prize for our science and then walking home from the ceremony and finding a $20 bill on the sidewalk (i.e. even more free money)