Best Of 2013: MUSIC

THEY SAY MUSIC IS THE SOUNDTRACK OF OUR LIVES, AND IN 2013 THE SOUNDTRACK WAS BETTER THAN EVER. From the latest pop hits to classic songs from days gone by, if 2013 was all about one thing, it was all about the music. And if we wanted to hum along, nobody would stop us — because everyone had music fever this year.

There were some days in 2013 when you couldn’t walk down the street without hearing new music. And if you decided to go shoe shopping? “Fugeddaboutit,” because shoe stores were playing music CONSTANTLY in 2013! Call it the magic of music, or the Spirit of 2013, or Shoe-Shopping Delight, but for whatever reason, we heard allll the good music when we were shoe shopping this year. I probably bought 45 pairs of shoes this year, just because it’s a great way to hear free music. And that’s why music was KING in 2013. Because people love good music.

Here’s my list of the BEST MUSIC OF 2013:

10. Decent music, nothing special

9. Slammin’ club hits your niece likes

8. Music where the producers are trying their hardest

7. Opera songs where everyone’s screaming and stabbing each other

6. Rap music: “I’d like to say / rap music is here to stay (in 2013) / hip hop hooray / my name is Ray” etc. etc.

5. (TIE) Cool tunes / Guitar solos where you think, “That guy must have twenty fingers!”

4. Theme music

3. (TIE) All-American music / Music that makes ya go “hmm-mm?”

2. Songs you can’t get out of your head

1. Music that goes to #1 on the charts and changes the game