IN 2013, WHEN WE WANTED TO HAVE FUN WITH WORDS, WE REACHED FOR OUR PALINDROMES. Palindromes (words or phrases that sound the same no matter which way you say them) are a uniquely American way to celebrate our language … and our lives. There’s nothing more fun, more distinctly “USA R A US,” than describing a current event using a custom palindrome you thought of down at the corner bar with your friends. And the best thing about palindromes is: THEY’RE FREE! The only limit is your “imaginationoitanigami.”

It was a great year for palindromes; nobody can deny that. So let’s kick back, put our feet up, and enjoy this trip down memory lane with the TOP TEN PALINDROMES OF 2013.

10. Madam I’m Adam 2013

9. No Mars Rover’s over on Mars, son

8. Ragtag dude’s a dud on guitar (this was about Bob Dylan)

7. Papal pups lap up a slap

6. Elon Musk car: Noel, scum

5. Ice caps warm Mr. Aws, is space, ci! (say in Italian accent)

4. Obama, man, web .gov sux (health), the lax us .ov be wan o mama!

3. Sal, la le goog, wears awe Google Glass.

2. Pope = Pop

1. Sweater weather