Best of 2014

Best Of 2014: TWEETS

Is it any wonder we loved reading tweets in 2014? After all, the year was uniquely suited to this technology. Think about it: From breaking news to philosophical musings, if you wanted to be “in the know,” there was only one place to turn: TWEETS.

Here’s a simple example of how tweets changed us — and challenged us — in 2014: There was this thing that happened, and everyone went crazy about it, and when we went on twitter, we could read everyone’s opinions, even a real-life movie star’s opinion, and after reading all those tweets, we went to bed.

That’s just one example of the power of tweets. There are countless others. For better or for worse, we are all seeing the world through “tweet-colored glasses” these days, and the only prescription is … more tweets! So let’s pause to celebrate the finest tweets of the year, in 140 characters or less.

Here are the TOP TEN TWEETS OF 2014:

10. Happy tweets

9. Angry tweets

8. Enraged tweets

7. Funny tweets


5. (TIE) Tweets that limn the full spectrum of human experience with sparkling wit and expert plotting / Dirty tweets

4. Weird tweets

3. Parody tweets

2. “Did you see the latest tweet? Oh man, I can’t even!”

1. Celebrity tweets

Best Of 2014: DISRUPTORS

disruptorsWhat are “disruptors?” They’re people who aren’t satisfied with the same old, same old. They are adventurers — visionaries — who want to break down walls and build new windows so the rest of us can have a more fulfilling user experience in the world. Disruptors are innovators, and they don’t care who or what gets in the way of their groundbreaking innovations.

But let’s make one thing clear: These aren’t your grandma’s innovators. Today’s disruptors use all the tools, technologies, and talents of the modern era to assemble the processes and products required to formulate a new paradigm I call the “Disruption Factor.” If it wasn’t for the Disruption Factor, we’d all still be buying our books in smelly stores with weird fluffy cats running around everywhere; we’d be eating green beans out of cans; it would take six months to order a pair of socks; we’d be bored at our stuffy, dead-end office jobs instead of having fun sitting at home in our pajamas using the latest technology to send out resumés.

From business bad-boys to cultural rebels, 2014 was the year the disruptors finally took over and showed the rest of us what the future is all about. Ready or not, here they come: THE DISRUPTORS.

Here are the TOP TEN DISRUPTORS OF 2014:

10. Cultural disruptors

9. Financial disruptors

8. Visionary disruptors

7. Entrepreneurial disruptors

6. Disruptors who are so advanced, we don’t even understand what they’re talking about … yet.

5. Innovative disruptors

4. Clever disruptors

3. Popular disruptors

2. Business disruptors

1. Crazy disruptors

Best Of 2014: SONGS

“Sing me a song, you’re the piano man / Sing me a song right now”

Ever since Billy Joel wrote those lyrics, America has been crazy about songs — and 2014 was no different. From pop music to rap, from jingles to opera, when we wanted to hear a nice melody coupled with lyrics, we listened to songs.


According to the Songwriters Hall of Fame, “2014 was one of the top five greatest years for songs. There were more than one hundred songs on the radio in 2014.”

So let’s celebrate the best of songwriting! Here are the TOP TEN SONGS OF 2014:

10. Regular songs

9. Pop songs

8. Wonderful songs

7. “Ooh, turn it up! I like this song!”

6. (TIE) Duets / Catchy songs

5. Loud songs

4. Billboard magazine songs

3. Raps

2. Songs that get stuck in your head

1. #1 songs

Best Of 2014: PODCASTS

2014 will forever be known as “The Year Podcasts Were Invented.” Podcasts are like teeny-tiny radio shows you can listen to on your phone, with all the features of classic radio: Music, hosts who talk, and great conversations that leave us wanting more. Some of them even have curse words because it turns out there are no rules with podcasts, America when did we lose our way???podcasts

Anyhow, this is the first time I have ever featured podcasts on my year-end lists, and I hope you enjoy! Say — if you really like this list, why not mention it on your podcast? I’ll be sure to tune in and say “Thanks for mentioning my wonderful list!” (Just tell me what your podcast is called so I can download it onto my computer for free, and give me time to find your podcast because there are so many podcasts sometimes it’s hard for me to find a specific one.)

In the meantime, let’s dial up our modem and download the latest episode of … the TOP TEN PODCASTS OF 2014.

10. Pretty good podcasts

9. Interesting podcasts

8. That one podcast with the guy with the funny voice

7. “Did you hear the latest podcast? It’s cool.”

6. Podcasts about pop culture

5. Political podcasts that make you think about the real world

4. Podcasts that are almost as good as radio shows

3. Really long podcasts that give you your money’s worth

2. “Please donate to my podcast so I can keep mumbling about any ol’ bullshit that comes into my mind”

1. The greatest podcasts of all time

Best Of 2014: NEWSMAKERS

stock-photo-man-at-home-reading-newspaper-141763462There’s no doubt about it: 2014 was the latest year to come down the pike in quite some time.

And what a year it was! Future historians will call 2014 one of the most amazing years we’ve ever lived through.

If you thought 2013 was incredible, well my friend, 2014 must have blown your mind. Everything 2013 had, 2014 had even more of: News events, cultural moments, and even scandals.

And what better way to celebrate this year than with the only lists you need: MY lists, the BEST lists that do the BEST job of summing up the year using LISTS.

Without any further to-do, let’s get started with my lists!

Our first category: NEWSMAKERS. These are the people who made the news what it is — on the headlines, on the nightly news, on the radio, and even on the internet.


10. Classic newsmakers

9. Innovators

8. Headline-grabbers

7. Trendy people

6. People who were in current events

5. Bad boys who play by their own rules

4. Controversial newsmakers

3. Celebrities

2. Politicians

1. “Gotta love those newsmakers”