Best Of 2014: SONGS

“Sing me a song, you’re the piano man / Sing me a song right now”

Ever since Billy Joel wrote those lyrics, America has been crazy about songs — and 2014 was no different. From pop music to rap, from jingles to opera, when we wanted to hear a nice melody coupled with lyrics, we listened to songs.


According to the Songwriters Hall of Fame, “2014 was one of the top five greatest years for songs. There were more than one hundred songs on the radio in 2014.”

So let’s celebrate the best of songwriting! Here are the TOP TEN SONGS OF 2014:

10. Regular songs

9. Pop songs

8. Wonderful songs

7. “Ooh, turn it up! I like this song!”

6. (TIE) Duets / Catchy songs

5. Loud songs

4. Billboard magazine songs

3. Raps

2. Songs that get stuck in your head

1. #1 songs