Best Of 2014: DISRUPTORS

disruptorsWhat are “disruptors?” They’re people who aren’t satisfied with the same old, same old. They are adventurers — visionaries — who want to break down walls and build new windows so the rest of us can have a more fulfilling user experience in the world. Disruptors are innovators, and they don’t care who or what gets in the way of their groundbreaking innovations.

But let’s make one thing clear: These aren’t your grandma’s innovators. Today’s disruptors use all the tools, technologies, and talents of the modern era to assemble the processes and products required to formulate a new paradigm I call the “Disruption Factor.” If it wasn’t for the Disruption Factor, we’d all still be buying our books in smelly stores with weird fluffy cats running around everywhere; we’d be eating green beans out of cans; it would take six months to order a pair of socks; we’d be bored at our stuffy, dead-end office jobs instead of having fun sitting at home in our pajamas using the latest technology to send out resum├ęs.

From business bad-boys to cultural rebels, 2014 was the year the disruptors finally took over and showed the rest of us what the future is all about. Ready or not, here they come: THE DISRUPTORS.

Here are the TOP TEN DISRUPTORS OF 2014:

10. Cultural disruptors

9. Financial disruptors

8. Visionary disruptors

7. Entrepreneurial disruptors

6. Disruptors who are so advanced, we don’t even understand what they’re talking about … yet.

5. Innovative disruptors

4. Clever disruptors

3. Popular disruptors

2. Business disruptors

1. Crazy disruptors