Best Of 2014: NEWSMAKERS

stock-photo-man-at-home-reading-newspaper-141763462There’s no doubt about it: 2014 was the latest year to come down the pike in quite some time.

And what a year it was! Future historians will call 2014 one of the most amazing years we’ve ever lived through.

If you thought 2013 was incredible, well my friend, 2014 must have blown your mind. Everything 2013 had, 2014 had even more of: News events, cultural moments, and even scandals.

And what better way to celebrate this year than with the only lists you need: MY lists, the BEST lists that do the BEST job of summing up the year using LISTS.

Without any further to-do, let’s get started with my lists!

Our first category: NEWSMAKERS. These are the people who made the news what it is — on the headlines, on the nightly news, on the radio, and even on the internet.


10. Classic newsmakers

9. Innovators

8. Headline-grabbers

7. Trendy people

6. People who were in current events

5. Bad boys who play by their own rules

4. Controversial newsmakers

3. Celebrities

2. Politicians

1. “Gotta love those newsmakers”