Best Of 2010

Best Of 2010: HOBBIES

From model trains to CB radios, hobbies make life more interesting and/or enjoyable — and 2010 was no different. In fact, 2010 saw more hobbies than 2009 and 2008 combined, and three times as many hobbies as 2007. Hobbies were popular in 2006, too.

There were times this past year when it seemed like everyone in America was busy with a hobby … maybe that’s what makes us unique: Hobbies.

Here’s the definitive list of the TOP TEN HOBBIES OF 2010:

10. Basement hobbies
9. Kitchen hobbies
8. Indoor hobbies (including garage)
7. Computer hobbies
6. Sports-related hobbies
5. Outdoor hobbies
4. Sound modulation in a dark room
3. Looking hobbies
2. Making-things-with-supplies hobbies
1. Lifestyles

Best Of 2010: MOVIES

The lights go down, the curtains part, and the magic begins. Everybody loves movies, and this year was no different. From 2009’s “Avatar” to “Saw 3D,” 2010 will always be remembered as the year Hollywood went all out, making high-quality entertainment for the entire family to enjoy.
The Queen Of Hollywood
Here’s my list of the BEST MOVIES OF 2010, Peter Travers take note because I’m coming for your job:


10. Documentaries about various cultures and whatnot
9. Fantasy movies
8. Movies where a hero wants to achieve a goal … no, wait, it looks like he might not achieve his goal … no, wait, actually he does achieve his goal!
7. Foreign films
6. Sad movies
5. Animated movies
4. Some people in a room
3. “I was born from the womb of an old sailor”
2. Action movies
1. Romantic comedies


No matter your taste, you must agree: Restaurants are one of the best ways to eat food. From the finest bistros to the lowliest burger joints, everybody loves restaurants. And 2010 was no different. Restaurants even made the evening news! Mmm, I’m getting hungry just thinking about it: “Waiter, may I please have another delicious list?”

Here’s my list of the HOTTEST RESTAURANTS OF 2010:

10. Italian restaurants
9. French restaurants
8. Molecule restaurants with real food molecules
7. (TIE) Asian restaurants / BBQ restaurants
6. Restaurants that serve brunch with live DJ music
5. Candlelit restaurants
4. Loud, noisy restaurants
3. Rural restaurants
2. Restaurants inside hotels
1. Restaurants with clean windows

(Must credit, this is an exclusive list. Zagat Guide do not plagiarize this under penalty of a $10,000 fine.)

Best Of 2010: ALBUMS

What a great year for music 2010 was! From Kanye West to Metallica, 2010 was one of those years where it seemed like everybody put out a record album.

Here’s my list of the BEST ALBUMS OF 2010:

10. Country albums
9. Rock ‘n’ Roll albums (regular)
8. Jazz albums
7. Rock ‘n’ Roll albums (indie)
6. iTunes albums
5. Rap albums (clean version)
4. Comedy albums
3. The newest albums
2. Reissues
1. Pop ‘n’ Soul albums

Top Ten Lists

Anxious reader GJ writes to ask about an annual year-end tradition:

Just making sure we can expect more top 10 lists this holiday season. I’m dying to know what the film genre of the year is.

Don’t worry, friends. Top ten lists are coming soon …

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