Best Of 2010: MOVIES

The lights go down, the curtains part, and the magic begins. Everybody loves movies, and this year was no different. From 2009’s “Avatar” to “Saw 3D,” 2010 will always be remembered as the year Hollywood went all out, making high-quality entertainment for the entire family to enjoy.
The Queen Of Hollywood
Here’s my list of the BEST MOVIES OF 2010, Peter Travers take note because I’m coming for your job:


10. Documentaries about various cultures and whatnot
9. Fantasy movies
8. Movies where a hero wants to achieve a goal … no, wait, it looks like he might not achieve his goal … no, wait, actually he does achieve his goal!
7. Foreign films
6. Sad movies
5. Animated movies
4. Some people in a room
3. “I was born from the womb of an old sailor”
2. Action movies
1. Romantic comedies