No matter your taste, you must agree: Restaurants are one of the best ways to eat food. From the finest bistros to the lowliest burger joints, everybody loves restaurants. And 2010 was no different. Restaurants even made the evening news! Mmm, I’m getting hungry just thinking about it: “Waiter, may I please have another delicious list?”

Here’s my list of the HOTTEST RESTAURANTS OF 2010:

10. Italian restaurants
9. French restaurants
8. Molecule restaurants with real food molecules
7. (TIE) Asian restaurants / BBQ restaurants
6. Restaurants that serve brunch with live DJ music
5. Candlelit restaurants
4. Loud, noisy restaurants
3. Rural restaurants
2. Restaurants inside hotels
1. Restaurants with clean windows

(Must credit, this is an exclusive list. Zagat Guide do not plagiarize this under penalty of a $10,000 fine.)