Best Of 2010: HOBBIES

From model trains to CB radios, hobbies make life more interesting and/or enjoyable — and 2010 was no different. In fact, 2010 saw more hobbies than 2009 and 2008 combined, and three times as many hobbies as 2007. Hobbies were popular in 2006, too.

There were times this past year when it seemed like everyone in America was busy with a hobby … maybe that’s what makes us unique: Hobbies.

Here’s the definitive list of the TOP TEN HOBBIES OF 2010:

10. Basement hobbies
9. Kitchen hobbies
8. Indoor hobbies (including garage)
7. Computer hobbies
6. Sports-related hobbies
5. Outdoor hobbies
4. Sound modulation in a dark room
3. Looking hobbies
2. Making-things-with-supplies hobbies
1. Lifestyles