Let’s not mince words: 2014 was an incredible year for turtle paperweights. Whether holding down envelopes, unsorted files, or correspondence, this was the year turtle paperweights stepped up their game and truly shined.

But what are turtle paperweights, exactly? The answer is simple: They are paperweights designed to look like turtles — or turtle-shaped objects heavy enough to secure papers under their weight. In the end, it doesn’t matter how you slice it, as long as that turtle paperweight is doing its job. And “doing its job” is the turtle paperweight’s middle name. Is it any wonder that retailers consistently rank “turtle” as one of the top paperweight designs? It’s the classic that keeps on giving. Just like the fable says: “Slow and steady wins the race.”

So let’s take a moment to celebrate the best of the best in this category-killing family of paperweights. Here are the TOP TEN TURTLE PAPERWEIGHTS OF 2014:

10. Inquisitive Hefty Turtle Paperweight

9. Locally Sourced Turtle Paperweight

8. Precious Turtle Paperweight

7. Oversized Turtle Paperweight (Blue)

6. Polka-Dot Turtle Paperweight With Real Polka Dots

5. “Hennnrrrryyy!!! Did you remember to put the papers under the paperweight???” “Which one?” “The turtle-shaped one — the BEST one!” “Yes, dear.”

4. Customized Brass Turtle Paperweight

3. Inspirational Turtle Paperweight

2. Hand-Painted Turtle Paperweight

1. “Ya Gotta Be Kidding Me” Best Turtle Paperweight