Best Of 2013: MOLECULES

LET’S NOT BEAT AROUND THE BUSH: 2013 WAS A GREAT YEAR FOR MOLECULES. Leading scientists have admitted that our exploding population has led to a radical increase of molecules that makes them very happy because they all love molecules so much.

Is it any wonder that these tiny building blocks (molecules) were THE topic of science-conversation for most of the year? At all the hottest restaurants and church function halls and NASCAR speedways and slaughterhouses and computer startup companies, when the conversation got real, it got down to molecules. And you can take that to the bank … THE MOLECULE BANK.

In fact, this was one of the hottest jokes of the year among scientists: “Hey guys, didja hear that the latest must-have fashion accessory on Donton Abbey is no longer a monocle, but a molecule?” Mama mia, what a world we live in, and it’s all made out of molecules!

So without any further delay, let’s revisit THE TOP TEN MOLECULES OF 2013:

10. Classic molecules

9. Water molecules

8. (TIE) O-C-O-O-H-C2 / “Dude, I just wanna say I really respect molecules”

7. Molecules that remind us that what unites us is stronger than what divides us

6. Party molecules at the hottest clubs

5. Vegetable and fruit molecules, gotta eat those healthy molecules

4. H-O-H-C3-O-G-O-O-H, the hottest new molecule on the scene

3. (TIE) “The Wolf of Molecule Street” / “The new pope is giving away free molecules!”

2. Atoms

1. Hall of Fame Molecules that make you happy just to see them in your microscope