LAKES AND OCEANS CONTINUED TO POST HUGE GAINS IN 2013. Whether it was news about dying sea life in oceans or boating accidents in lakes, sometimes it felt like you couldn’t go a day without hearing the latest news about lakes and oceans, a.k.a. our watery friends. Compare this to rivers and streams, which barely warranted a mention in the past twelve months. Perhaps 2014 will be for rivers and streams what 2013 was for lakes and oceans? Only time will tell.

In any event, pull on your swimsuit and take a dip into the TOP TEN LAKES AND OCEANS OF 2013:

10. Atlantic Ocean

9. Lake Erie

8. Ocean of red tape (ObamaCare)

7. (TIE) Refreshing lakes and oceans / The bottom of the ocean

6. “Did you hear the latest news about a lake? Turns out it’s ALL WET” (classic lake joke that stole our hearts in 2013)

5. Lakes that drones fly over

4. Pacific Ocean

3. Foreign lakes and oceans

2. Pollution in the waters, America when did we lose our way

1. The coolest lakes and oceans