WELL, IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN: TIME FOR ME TO WRAP UP MY LISTS. As always, these lists have made us laugh, made us think, and just plain made us more … US. They’ve shown us the best in ourselves; the best in lists; and the best of all time with instant classics that have reignited our passion for lists, and our appreciation of the year gone by: 2013.

And so, like every year, we end with the greatest of all lists — the list that made us fall in love with lists in the first place.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is my great honor (and my deep pleasure) to present the TOP TEN CARS AND TRUCKS OF 2013:

10. Greenish-grey cars

9. Trucks with 450-V-Block engines

8. (TIE) Cars with sunroofs / “I’m gonna let you off with a warning because I like all your bumperstickers”

7. Self-driving cars that know enough to stay in the goddamn garage, America when did we lose our way

6. (THREE-WAY TIE*) Fun cars / Trucks with hay in the back of them / “Heeeenry did you remember to drive the car?” “Yes dear”

5. Shiny cars, fresh from the car wash (Optional #5 for adult readers: “Shiny cars, fresh from the BIKINI car wash”)

4. 360 horsepower trucks with dual 4×4 suspensions

3. Simple, well-made cars

2. (TIE) Some of the best cars and trucks / Transportation

1. “Kid, you gotta be kidding me with how wonderful this car and/or truck is”


Goodbye, my list-friends! Have a nice year and I’ll see you on the internet in 2014. –David Rees