Best Of 2013: ERGONOMICS

IF THERE’S ONE THING WE LEARNED IN 2013, IT’S THAT 2013 WAS A GREAT YEAR FOR ERGONOMICS. Whether it was a new kind of lumbar support, or the latest biomorphic approach to mattress design, “the Science of Human Posture” (ergonomics) had a great year in 2013 because advances in computing power, conceptual rigor, and industry-wide innovations — not to mention all the other things related to ergonomics!

Is it any wonder that the National Journal of Ergonomics recently published an editorial called “This Wonderful Year of 2013 Was the Best Year for Ergonomics We’ve Ever Seen in Our Lifetimes?” The answer would be no.

So let’s celebrate the best of the Human Body Sciences (ergonomics) with a list that won’t give you carpal tunnel syndrome: THE TOP TEN ERGONOMICS OF 2013!

10. Ergonomics of comfortable office chairs

9. Ergonomics of kitchen counters at the correct height for food preparation

8. “Memory-foam” pillows that look just as good as regular pillows

7. Contemporary ergonomics

6. (TIE) European ergonomics / Posture games

5. Ergonomics that make your day a little more comfortable

4. Ergonomics that make your headaches go away

3. Ergonomics that make you excited to do your job

2. Some of the best ergonomics we’ve ever seen