FOR SOME OF US, THERE’S NO SWEETER SIGHT THAN A BASKET OF DAY-OLD BAKED GOODS AT THE NEIGHBORHOOD CAFE. Whether you’re a budget-conscious diner who has developed a taste for 75-cent muffins, or a carbo-loader who prefers his scones “rock-hard” just like his abs, or a gourmand who believes “stale bagels just plain taste better and I’ll beat the tar out of anyone who disagrees and mop the floor with their guts,” in 2013 we had many opportunities to partake of “the day-old sweetness.”

In fact, some bakers are privately wondering if 2013 was the best year ever for day-old baked goods. Perhaps it was the economic downturn, or maybe just people’s curiosity about day-old baked goods … but for whatever reason, those in the know are saying 2013 will go down in history as “The Year of The Day-Old” or “The Day-Old Year,” or perhaps simply “Crust Epoch 2013.”

In any event, sink your teeth into the TOP TEN DAY-OLD BAKED GOODS OF 2013:

10. Tasty day-old baked goods

9. Delicious day-old baked goods

8. Muffins wrapped in 500 yards of plastic wrap per muffin

7. Cookies with really tiny raisins like pebbles

6. “Dude you gotta try this scone … you’d never know it’s a day-old scone.”

5. Day-old bagels with fresh cream cheese

4. “I can’t believe these bargain prices for day-old baked goods”

3. (TIE) Day-old baked goods piled high in a basket / “This is the Fort Knox of old muffins, I love this coffee shop”

2. One dollar for a piece of pie

1. Day-old baked goods that are even better than fresh-baked goods