Friday Face-Offs: Dynamite – 6th Place

I was just thinking: One of the best things about me wearing all my favorite brands is that you can tell what kind of guy I am just by looking at me (and my brands).

Anyway … it’s candle time. Time to chill.

Okay, confession time: I almost sorta got goosebumps the first time they really hit the chorus (1:03). Am I a sentimental sap? I dunno. It just looks like they’re having such a nice time, like they said: “Look, our tans look awesome, you play guitar, I play keyboards, we love rockin’ the club, and I have this big-ass scented candle. Should we make a web video or what???” And then lo and behold, they made this nice video for you to enjoy on Friday Face-Offs!

FFO FTW!!! (“Friday Face-Offs For The Win”)

Keep it locked … next contestant coming up!