Friday Face-Offs: Dynamite – 5th Place

This is a reaaally sloppity-gloppity chop of “Dynamite,” but the keyboards sound soooo freakin’ amazing, I had to sneak it in. It sounds like a brontosaurus throwing a rave against the wall. And the zhweep zhwoop is BANGING.

Still thinking about all my favorite brands, and how I’m gonna wear them to the club tonight. ALL OF THEM.

Anyway, here’s a chopped mash-up of “Dynamite” with “California Gurls” (ugh) by Katy Perry. It was boring me until (1:47), when things started sounding real nice. Again, sloppy, but sometimes that makes it more exciting. Just ask the Replacements.

But uggh, yeah, I am not a fan of Katy Perry. It feels very pandering to me. Why is that? And is California Gurls biting from that MGMT song, the one that followed Kids?

“So many questions.” Friday Face-Offs!!! It’s DYNAMITE.