Friday Face-Offs: Dynamite – 7th Place

My favorite thing about this great song “Dynamite” by Taio Cruz is that it uses the “Zhweep Zhwoop” sound from “Party in the USA,” which is a song I can’t stand for some reason. Both songs were produced by Dr. Luke, who is the producer of the moment (look at the charts and every song you’re humming is by him). So he’ll take a zhweep zhwoop and just run it into the ground. I can respect that. It’s like a late-night infomercial style of producing:

“Do you love the zhweep zhwoop sound but you’re just so tired of having to listen to Party in the USA in order to hear it? The inconvenience, the headaches — it’s just TOO MUCH! Well, now there’s Dynamite, a great song with the zhweep zhwoop sound you’ve come to love! No more hassles, no more headaches! Call 1-800-FRIDAY-MY-FUCKING-FACE-OFF to hear more!”

Anyway, at first I was gonna give the 7th place medal to this guy:

But then this guy showed up …

… and once you see 0:22, you’ll understand why he had to win. That’s some pure, artisanal foot-Mozart, right there! I love moments like that. Beat kicking in soooo hard.

Friday Face-Offs! I’m wearing all my favorite brands all day!!! Habitat for Humanity, Doctors Without Borders, and Adopt-A-Minefield!!! NOT TO MENTION GUCCI, PRADA, AND KATE SPADE BAGS!!!