Friday Face-Offs: “Red Red Wine” – 5th Place

What’s crazier: The fact that these guys practice in the acoustical abattoir of a COMMERCIAL STORAGE SPACE . . .

Or that they follow the “No Girls Allowed In Our Rock ‘N’ Roll Man-Zone” rule even while including a girl in their band?

C’mon guys, why make her set up her “keebs” in the storage space hallway? And also, is her keyboard even plugged in? Or did she win some kind of local cereal-box contest where first prize is you get to pretend to practice with the hottest band in Milksboro Storage Facility?

LOL, the other girl in the video is having the time of her life. You can tell from her body language, LOL. Man, if somebody could figure out how to bottle the body language of “girls watching their boyfriends’ bands practice,” they could make a million dollars selling it to people who want to look like they’re ten seconds away from jumping off a bridge out of boredom.

Then again, I can’t really hate on these guys for their practice space, since it looks cleaner than 90% of the places I used to practice in (yes, I used to play in a ROCK BAND, I’m that cool). LOL, “Sound Museum” in Allston, MA — that was a nice practice space. LOL, loved the beer bottles everywhere, the smell of beer . . . LOL, shared the space with a guy who drew a huge CHARLES MANSON MURAL on the wall of our room . . . good vibes . . . conducive to our musical project of writing retro love ballads, LOL . . .


(By the way, thanks to reader CV for suggesting this week’s FFO.)