Friday Face-Offs: “Red Red Wine” – 4th Place

This is like a fine glass of Moltepichianno (sp): Big, brassy, BOLD!

Let’s see . . . which of these images is my favorite?

1. 0:21 – “A nice place for wine-sipping”
2. 0:25 – “Taking a nap in a pool of white wine”
3. 0:31 – “Entering the Lord’s wine shop; 10% off all cases of Eucharist wine”
4. 0:57 – “Who put LSD in my wine?”
5. 1:13 – “Feeling drowsy from all the wine”

I had to put this video on the list because the singer is singing in Italian and Italians make the best wines! I think all the best red wine comes from Italy, and all the best white wine comes from California. France, you can try again next year! All the other countries like Argentina, Australia, etc. — they’re all a bunch of bullshit. All their wines suck and nobody should buy them.

Also, beer is better than wine.

LOL, just kidding, wine rules and everyone knows it!!! ANYBODY WHO’S NOT DRINKING WINE RIGHT NOW IS A FREAK.

(Just kidding, don’t drink wine until nighttime. “Night time is the right time for wine time,” that’s what I always say.)