Friday Face-Offs: Finalist Feedback!

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the front row of history! I am in receipt of an email from a FRIDAY FACE-OFF FINALIST!

Remember this burner from the second installment of Friday Face-Offs?

At the time, I wrote:

Sweet Jesus, don’t you remember what those moments felt like? When you were surging on a hot jam in the prime of your youth? When you were loving some pop song so much that you wanted to pound right through your keyboard or smash your guitar over your own head, or at least not study for algebra so goddamn much?

Imagine my “HELL YEAH” when I opened my email to read:

I’m the shirtless piano player in the rec room playing the suffering. And I got 2nd place?! AWESOMENESS! Thank you very much! For the record, I’m no 10th grader taking a break from algebra homework. I’m 25 and a fellow political junkie. I’m now a regular viewer/reader at mnftiu. Keep up the awesome work . . .

I always knew Friday Face-Offs would become the greatest internet sensation of all time . . . that it would make eBay look like a little punk . . . that it would crush with the greatest of ease . . . but I never knew how much ass it would kick right from the get-go! NOW I KNOW.

(Thanks to KT for letting me post his email message!)


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