As My Blog Grows In Power And Influence, Expect More Of This . . .

A reader asks about an endorsement:

Has your new blog decided on an endorsement yet between Republican incumbent Tom Wilson and Democratic challenger Monica Yane with regards to Wayne County Indiana’s 3rd District Commissioner race????

Good question. Anyone who knows me knows I am OBSESSED with Indiana’s 3rd District. Are you kidding me? I’ve been studying that district since college, when I wrote my final paper on that district. Nobody knows that district like me. I even wrote the official theme song for that district: “Wayne County 3rd District Song.” (A hot jam, look for it on youtube or Star Search!)

Sample lyric:

Chillin’ here in the Third
The Third District
Uhh uhh get up on that District
Which District?
The Third! The Third!
Uhh uhh yeah, exactly
District love, got that crazy District love
Third District Third District
Wayne County to be precise
In the great state of Indiana

Anyway, as far as the commissioner race goes . . . I’m actually endorsing Douglas Spaceballs, the Libertinernanian Party’s candidate. Douglas has a clear vision for the 3rd District, which you can read about in his e-book titled “Burning Corpses and Falling Buildings: The Nightmare Becomes Reality” (no amazon link available).

So there you have it! My blog’s first official endorsement! I plan to endorse fifty candidates per day between now and the election, at which time I will settle into a more manageable rate of ten endorsements per day.

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