Rising Star On The TPM Scene?

Check out this TPM post by one “Ben Craw,” in which he analyzes a video of Joe Biden removing his jacket.

Are we dealing with a new TPM superstar?

Pay close attention to this part of Craw’s analysis:

Whoa! Did you see that? :24 mark. At least TPMtv thinks it was the :24 mark, but it was so fast the precise time is impossible to pin down. What just happened there? Did Biden’s jacket get caught in a paper shredder behind him? Did a crowd member suddenly turn on a Suck Kut? Maybe a rabid dog got ahold of the back? Seriously, no man can remove a jacket that quickly.

The vibe is very Friday Face-Offs!

Ben Craw, I like your style . . . can’t wait to read more of your video analyses . . . let me know if there’s anything fishy in Missouri’s 4th District re: Judge Smith and the D.A. purge because of illegal contractor porch-building for Rep. Jones (D-93) . . . TPM in full effect . . .

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