Best Of 2008

Best Of 2008: Film

Ladies and gentlemen, I love movies. If I could, I would watch ten movies a day. Some critics worried that 2008 wouldn’t be a good year for cinema, but I certainly enjoyed myself. Here is my personal list of the TOP TEN MOVIES OF 2008:

1. Thriller
2. Romance
3. Mystery
4. Historical
5. Documentary
6. Horror
7. Porno
8. Loud
9. Space Thriller
10. Superhero

Best Of 2008: Cars And Trucks

Detroit may be in trouble, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t see some incredible cars and trucks this year. Japan, Europe, and other countries also stepped up to the plate to hit it out of the park, cars-and-trucks-wise. I’m a bit of a car nut, so it’s my pleasure to present a list of the TOP TEN CARS AND TRUCKS OF 2008:

1. Sports Cars
2. Trucks
3. SUVs
4. Convertibles
5. Buses
6. “Green Technology” Cars
7. Sedans
8. Lamborghini (best car ever)
9. Ford F-150
10. Hummer

Best Of 2008: Scandals

If you like scandal, 2008 was your year. At times it felt like everyone who was famous was embroiled in scandal. What have we become, America? In any case, here are the TOP TEN SCANDALS OF 2008:

1. Sex
2. Political
3. Money
4. Illegal
5. Fights
6. Sports
7. Animal-Related
8. Space (when NASA tried to crash an asteroid into the moon to increase funding)
9. Ponzi Scandal
10. Obesity

Best Of 2008: Technology

Once again, the year saw multiple innovations on the technology front. All those nerds must sure be working hard! Hooray for them, and for everyone who buys their wonderful gadgets and gizmos. Here are the TOP TEN TECHNOLOGIES OF 2008:

1. Television (still the best, the technology against which all technologies must be judged)
2. Auto-Tune
3. Satellite Radio
4. Computers
5. Radar
6. Heat-Seeking Missiles
7. Google (I used it more than 500 times this year)
8. Ultra-Fast Photocopiers
9. Fake Eyeballs With Built-In Computer Sensors
10. Cyberspace Thing

Best Of 2008: Transplants

Did you hear about that whole face transplant thing? Did that blow your mind? Well, that wasn’t even the top transplant of 2008. Here are the TOP TRANSPLANTS OF 2008:

1. Foot Transplant
2. Five-Finger Discount Finger Transplant (this is where you shoplift someone’s fingers and transplant them onto your hand)
3. Lung Transplant
4. Face Transplant
5. Liver Transplant
6. Full-Body, Monkey-to-Human Transplant
7. Heart Transplant
8. Elbow Transplant
9. Hair Transplant
10. Transplant Transplant, a.k.a. “Hand-Me-Down Transplant”

Best Of 2008: Magazines

Although the magazine industry has hit some rocky waters (can waters be rocky? –ed.), editors and writers still provided many inspiring, amazing moments in 2008. Here are the TOP TEN MAGAZINES OF 2008:

1. News
2. Women’s Fashion
3. Sports
4. International Boats
5. Cigar
6. Men’s Lifestyle
7. Tween
8. Old Citizens’ Needs
9. Financial
10. Special Issues

Seriously, though: I will always remember 2008 as the year I finally gave up on the Sunday NY Times Magazine . . . LOL, good magazine, guys . . . it’s really become a “must-read” in my house . . . LOL, lots of great articles about how What I buy says about who I am(?) and how How I watch screens says what I like is really who I am(?)

Best Of 2008: Times

Who was it who sang, “The times, they’re changing?” Well, whoever it was, he obviously knew about 2008. Here is an (admittedly idiosyncratic) list of the TOP TIMES OF 2008:

1. 10:30 AM
2. Noon (can’t hate on noon, one of the all-time greats)
3. 5:00 PM
4. 3:30 PM
5. 8:15 AM
6. 7:33 PM OR AM
7. Midnight
8. “Quarter-past n,” where n = some time
9. 2:15 PM
10. 12:00 (blinking on VCR especially!)

Best Of 2008: Trends

Like everyone else, I got caught up in some amazing trends this year. Here are the TOP TEN TRENDS OF 2008:

1. Books On Tape
2. Cool Things
3. Walking Around
4. Balls
5. Stores
6. Hanging Out
7. Videos
8. Facebook Online
9. New Songs
10. Politics

Best Of 2008: Music

Everyone agrees: 2008 was one of the most exciting years for music in a long time. Here are my picks for TOP TEN MUSIC OF 2008:

1. Rock ‘N’ Roll
2. Rap Music
3. Country
4. Dance
5. Instrumental
6. Jazz
7. Classical
8. Soundtracks
9. Flip-Flap
10. Singing Music

Best Of 2008: Wine

Drank a lot of great bottles this year. Here are the TOP TEN WINES OF 2008:

1. Cabernet
2. Merlot
3. Fizzy
4. Sauvignon
5. Chardonnay
6. Zinfandel
7. Pinot
8. Shiraz
9. Muscat
10. Pertollo