Best Of 2008: Magazines

Although the magazine industry has hit some rocky waters (can waters be rocky? –ed.), editors and writers still provided many inspiring, amazing moments in 2008. Here are the TOP TEN MAGAZINES OF 2008:

1. News
2. Women’s Fashion
3. Sports
4. International Boats
5. Cigar
6. Men’s Lifestyle
7. Tween
8. Old Citizens’ Needs
9. Financial
10. Special Issues

Seriously, though: I will always remember 2008 as the year I finally gave up on the Sunday NY Times Magazine . . . LOL, good magazine, guys . . . it’s really become a “must-read” in my house . . . LOL, lots of great articles about how What I buy says about who I am(?) and how How I watch screens says what I like is really who I am(?)