Best Of 2021: HVAC SYSTEMS

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) may be considered one of the great achievements of humankind. We rely on these systems to provide indoor air quality of an acceptable level in order to thrive. HVAC systems can be as simple as a window-mounted air conditioning unit, or as complex as a network of computer-linked thermostats and dehumidifiers in a large office building. As our world changes, one thing remains certain: HVAC systems are here to stay!

There is much to appreciate about these systems

2021 was the year many of us appreciated HVAC systems for the first time — or, perhaps, if not for the first time, then with a newfound intensity appropriate to this day and age. With so much riding on HVAC systems, it’s no wonder they were praised as the unsung heroes of contemporary engineering in 2021 … and with a track record of proven success, we shouldn’t be surprised if 2021 is someday referred to as “The Year We Finally Fell In Love With HVAC Systems.” In fact, I will be very pleased about this!

Let’s turn up our thermostats, activate our humidifiers, get cozy and moist, and celebrate the TOP TEN HVAC SYSTEMS OF 2021:

10. Fun HVAC systems

9. When your office has a quality HVAC system

8. Quietly efficient dehumidifiers and/or heaters

7. Thermostats with accurate displays that are easy to read

6. Supreme HVAC systems that kick ass and get you excited about being indoors

5. When your friend nods at your new air conditioning unit with silent respect … and your friend is an engineer

4. HVAC systems that brought us together and made us smile

3. Silly HVAC systems with a lighthearted, goofy attitude

2. Some of the very finest HVAC systems

1. The greatest heating system ever devised in 2021