Best Of 2021: MUSIC

When times are tough, music can help us make it though the night. When times are good, music can help us celebrate. When times are scary, music can comfort us. When times are funny, music can laugh along with us. When times are serious, music can help remind us of this fact.

Whether it’s performed on a guitar, a piano or a mighty symphony — or even a tambourine — music is the song of life. With its deep storehouse of melodies, rhythms, and lyrics, only music can do what it does best: Make us listen to it. And listen we did in 2021!

Indeed, this year of 2021 was one of the best ever for music, as the world’s performers and composers set their thoughts and dreams to a musical score that will be remembered as second to none: The collective song that was our year of 2021.

Let’s sing and dance along to the TOP TEN OF MUSIC OF 2021:

10. Top 40 hits

9. Music that reminded us to dance and have fun WITH OR WITHOUT SHOES

8. Streaming music

7. Amazing drum solos

6. (TIE) Grimy, funky music that helped us boogie-woogie with abandon / When your mom sang “I LOVE YOU” to me

5. Music that pushed the boundaries of what is considered enjoyable

4. Music that healed and brought us home again … so we could sit among our furniture

3. Classical music with loud brass instruments and conductors that went wild

2. Quiet music for reflection and renewal

1. The music of our lives, forever known in 2021