If 2020 saw a dip in restaurant attendance, 2021 was the year restaurants came roaring back! From the finest steakhouses to the lowliest salad bars, in 2021 if you wanted to go out to eat, RESTAURANTS were your number-one choice for doing just that.

Restaurants are where we can come together to enjoy a meal — as well as each other’s company. Many restaurants specialize in food you may not feel comfortable preparing in your own home. They’re a great way to expand your palate and broaden your horizons of food. If something on the menu looks good, please order it! After all, “That’s what we’re here for” — Restaurants. (What’s this, a talking restaurant?! Okay that’s good for me.)

As this year comes to an end let’s book our reservation, enjoy some breadsticks, and feast on a divinely scrumptious list of the TOP TEN RESTAURANTS OF 2021:

10. Warm restaurants

9. Local restaurants

8. (TIE) Affordable restaurants / Restaurants with wine and beer flowing freely

7. Underground restaurants that redefined the possibilities of eating out for our age of destruction

6. “Hennnry!” “Yes, dear?” “RESTAURANTS ARE HERE TO STAY”

5. When you met your friends at the restaurant in 2021

4. Restaurants with large clean windows

3. Chain restaurants that feel like how momma used to make food

2. Restaurants that will surely stand the test of time

1. Top-ten restaurants