Cancel Culture was out of control in 2021. From the most elite colleges to the hottest podcasts, 2021 was the year when smart people simply stated the facts and then found themselves being yelled at and called dumb more than ever. Funny comedians, daring politicians, and interesting writers all learned the hard way: Express one “wrong” opinion and you will be attacked by the mindless hordes and stomped on by their boots of cancellation. That’s Cancel Culture in a nutshell: A destructive force that makes brave men timid, and timid men brave. It’s a topsy-turvy world of thought control that would cause George Orwell himself (1984) to make a loud noise (groaning sounds).

How sick was America with the illness of Cancel Culture in the year 2021? Unfortunately we have no way of knowing because everyone who could give us a correct diagnosis … was cancelled. This phenomenon is called being “politically correct” — and if that phrase doesn’t scare you, you’ll surely enjoy living in chains with a bag over your head (bag is labeled “I AM AFRAID TO SPEAK”) … or as it’s also known: AMERICA IN 2021 WITH NO EXAGGERATION.


10. Controversial victims of Cancel Culture are now poor

9. Cancel Culture claims another innocent victim

8. When you tell a funny joke and someone spits on you as revenge

7. “I’m just saying what everyone’s thinking in 2021,” thank you free-speech heroes, we are sorry that you will be killed tonight

6. I’d like to see these Cancel Culture warriors try to CANCEL A MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION!!! (in 2021!)

5. Business leaders were just trying to have fun on twitter (making jokes) and then people yelled at them, America when did we lose our way

4. (TIE) “What will they cancel next” / “You can’t cancel me, I quit!”

3. Pretty good Cancel Culture

2. When the Cancel Culture is so crazy, ya just gotta say “Chill out everybody … OR ELSE I WILL CRY

1. The best of Cancel Culture in 2021