Best Of 2021: PASSWORDS

The last few years have seen an uptick in working from home and telecommuting. Our computers, phones, tablets, and other devices are now central to our professional and personal lives. These devices — and the apps and programs that run on them — all need passwords to be safe. This we all know.

2021 was an incredible year for passwords. Not only do our various streaming services and video-game services require passwords, but our email accounts — which we used more than ever — also require passwords. Some computer experts have estimated that 2021 saw more passwords than any year in history.

Is it any wonder that people may someday refer to 2021 as “The Year Of The Password?”

So let’s log on with our User IDs, type our passwords, click “Enter,” and celebrate the TOP TEN PASSWORDS OF 2021:

10. jo498w8fhnq;th23322

9. dl;kjt3939930002s

8. T0pSecretPassw0rd

7. FartFartFart_FART!!!@@@

6. cie938ulsliuh[wo*$&

5. Very tricky passwords

4. Passwords that summed up the spirit of 2021 while still being safe

3. *#jn29fn3339(@240sfnnd

2. Many of the finest passwords

1. Passwords of perfection