Best Of 2021: GUITAR SOLOS

This may be hard to believe, but as recently as a few years ago people were announcing the death of rock ‘n’ roll. “Rock,” they said, “is dead.” The music of the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and Led Zeppelin … dead? It doesn’t seem possible! After all, that kind of music (rock) is really loud and enjoyable! And those three rock bands — although great — are far from the only bands playing and rocking. Indeed, there were (and currently are) thousands of rock bands. So yes, friends, the “Death of Rock” has been HIGHLY EXAGGERATED.

And what is the most important part of rock music? That’s right, the guitar solo. The guitar solo allows the musicians to shine as never before. If rock music is still alive, then guitar solos are the beating hearts that keep the blood of music pumpin’ hard and strong.

2021 was a great year for many reasons, but especially for guitar solos. From hard rock to pop rock, odds are if you were listening to rock ‘n’ roll in 2021, you were loving guitar solos! It might be because the events of 2021 were uniquely suited to being expressed via solo guitar, or it might be that guitarists had lots of time to practice and get better, so their guitar solos also became better. Regardless, we should be very happy about 2021.

Here are the TOP TEN GUITAR SOLOS OF 2021:

10. Ragin’ hot guitar solos

9. Rippin’ guitar solos that shredded

8. Delightful guitar solos

7. New England guitar solos

6. “Excuse me, it’s time for my guitar solo in 2021”

5. When they turn up the volume for the solo in 2021 and the solo is played by THE GUITAR

4. Pure 2021 guitar solos

3. Fender guitar solos

2. Twenty guitar solos at the same time at the Guitar Center

1. The world’s best guitar solos