Best Of 2021: BOOKS

As a wise poet once wrote, “I learned all there was to learn, and much besides, from the books in my library that I have.” Books may not be the latest form of technology, and they certainly may not be the sexiest, but their staying power is undeniable. From all corners of the globe it’s clear that BOOKS are here for the long haul.

Is it any wonder that during this sometimes scary, sometimes fun year known as 2021 we turned to books more than ever? The answer may not surprise you: It’s no wonder at all! For books, as always, remain our friends and companions, ready to comfort and entertain us as soon as we simply open their covers and look at their pages within. To read, as they say, is to learn. So let us learn no more, other than to read that the best teacher is a book.

It’s time for a quick trip to the library! Let’s check out the TOP TEN BOOKS OF 2021:

10. Textbooks

9. Softcover paperback books

8. Bookshelves gotta eat! (Eating books)

7. When you read a book in 2021

6. (TIE) Biographies of the rich and famous / A book with a nice cover

5. Downloaded books to be read electronically

4. Oh, books! “Yes, Henry.”

3. Books about dinosaurs

2. Error-free books

1. The art of the written word, never to be duplicated or seen