Best Of 2021: GOSSIP

Gossip is a tradition as old as mankind. It is human nature to gather in circles and whisper about the goings-on of one’s neighbors and movie stars. Such discussions are a way of establishing behavioral norms and reminding one’s community that slutty behavior will not be tolerated … for is it too far a stretch to imagine even a cavewoman being such?

Whispered realities of gossip at all times

In 2021, gossip was more central to our lives than ever before. From the biggest actors to the latest pop stars, from our co-workers to even our friends, when it came to gossip we laughed at their mixups — we cried at their breakups — we sighed at their bad decisions. Even as we socially distanced, there was nothing “socially distant” about the latest paparazzi photos or the hottest blind items we read and discussed over Zoom. Some people dismiss gossip as “just so much blah blah blah,” but the truth is, in 2021 gossip held us together and made us whole like never before. Gossip reminds us that even the most powerful, glamorous icons are subject to the same whims and foibles — and follies — that us “regular folks” experience. And it also reminds us that the misadventures of everyday people can be just as thrilling and wild as any Hollywood romance. If you ask me, that’s a message worth celebrating … a message of gossip!

So pull up a chair, whisper your voice, and let’s “spill the tea” about the BEST GOSSIP OF 2021:

10. Unbelievable gossip

9. Scandalous gossip that involved someone your cousin saw at the airport once

8. Uplifting gossip featuring your favorite co-worker

7. Sexy movie stars. Steamy gossip. There is simply nothing better.

6. Gossip that makes you glad you’re not a weirdo

5. (TIE) All-American gossip that could “only happen here in America” / Bowling gossip

4. Space gossip

3. Conspiracy theories

2. Pretty good gossip

1. Our heroes have feet of clay, American when did we lose our way with the gossip