Science is the art of using logic and research to make sense of our world. At its best, it leads to stunning new discoveries and cutting-edge results. At its worst, it leads to mistakes that must be corrected … using the even further applications of science.

We can use science to do many things

2021 was the year science took center stage, landing front and center in many major news stories. From high-tech rockets shooting for the stars, to rare new diseases that confused us, in 2021 if there was news you had to know about, it was probably science that called the shots.

Unfortunately, science can sometimes suffer from a bad reputation: “It’s too confusing,” some say. Others yell, “I don’t like science!” There are also people who don’t like how scientists always act like they know so much. But the cold, hard fact remains: Regardless of reputation, at the end of the day it’s SCIENCE that makes our modern world go ’round.

So as we end this remarkable year of 2021, let’s all take a long, last look through our technical microscopes at the BEST SCIENCE STORIES OF 2021:

10. Biology science stories

9. Science stories that inspired us

8. Stories about how the future of humanity lies in the use of science

7. Science = computation factor 362, baseline hypothesis is lookin’ good! (Thank you for science.)

6. Science stories from around the world

5. Headline-grabbing scientific breakthroughs

4. Charts, graphs, and other visual pictures of science

3. Peer-reviewed science

2. “Damn, I love science 24 hours per day and I cannot lie”

1. Scientific perfection