Is it any surprise that this extraordinary year saw more world-class palindromes then any year in recent history? “2020” is almost a palindrome, after all. (This happens very rarely in years.) Palindromes, for those who don’t know, are words and phrases that read the same forwards and backwards — it has much to do with the way the letters are arranged. For instance, “DAD” is a palindrome, because whether you start at the beginning or end of the word (DAD) you will always get the same result, word-wise: You go from “D” to “A” and then to another “D.” And, of course, D-A-D always spells DAD. Amazingly, Dad’s partner (“MOM”) is another such palindrome. People should talk about this more often.

Now here’s where things get tricky: We have established that DAD and MOM are both palindromes. But what’s another word for “DAD and MOM?” That’s right, the word is PARENTS. But PARENTS is not a palindrome! What can we say to this but WOW. (WOW is a palindrome, so we’re right back where we started! It’s maddening, yes, but it’s also fun if you’re a “word nerd” in 2020. And I must say just one final thing: If you turn WOW upside down, what word appears? Correct! MOM! The wealth of secrets contained within our English language is a sight to behold — for those brave enough to investigate.)

Time, unlike palindromes, only moves in one direction. And so we find ourselves at the end of 2020, never again to return. Before we step forward into the new year of 2021, let’s say one final “WOW” in 2020 as we review the TOP TEN PALINDROMES OF 2020:

10. I, Fauci


8. “Mah ham!” (Southern lady mad about the ham)

7. THIS: Madam, I’m Karen, and I’m mad! Shit! (Oh helllll no)

6. 20/20 vision is in 2002 vis a vis 2020

5. Don Jr snorts coke, OK … strong RJ nod cocaine love

4. Melania mania, me? Ain’t I a woman

3. Biden won, sheesh, he’s edible now!

2. BB (gun)

1. Tenert

Thus concludes my 2020 Top Ten Lists. I wish you a healthy, happy new year and I’ll see you again soon on my lists!