music and spaghetti

As we conducted our way through the symphony of 2020, music was our compass and our map, always there to guide us to the next note as we played the instruments of our lives. The art of good music can be a comfort during difficult times, and music in 2020 was no different — in fact, music in 2020 was, indeed, very important to us!

What is music? Some say that from folk ballads to major songs, from hip-hop to country, music often gives voice to our feelings. That’s one of the defining characteristics of this art form … an art form just as important as any other mode of cultural expression. Perhaps one could say that music is the best of all art forms? (I know many musicians who would agree with this sentiment!) Think about the sayings “there’s a song in my heart,” or “I love that ol’ time rock ‘n’ roll,” or “music makes me feel like dancing” — such expressions are a reflection of the significance of music to the human spirit, and a testament to its enduring power. A world without music would be a very quiet world indeed.

Spaghetti’s importance in our culture is, of course, is self-evident. I will not debase this legendary pasta by trying to explain it.

Here, then, is the BEST MUSIC AND SPAGHETTI OF 2020:

10. Chart toppers and delicious spaghetti

9. Songs that healed us as we ate … SPAGHETTI

8. Music we listened to in our kitchens as pasta aromas provided a full sensory experience

7. Loud music! Yeah, turn it up!!! Let’s hear more notes of the music! SPAGHETTI AND COCAINE FOR BREAKFAST, I’M IN COLLEGE!!!

6. (TIE) Hard-rockin’ music or spaghetti / Meaningful music, the soundtrack to our spaghetti lives

5. Music in our headphones, spaghetti in our mouths, it’s all love

4. “Hennnry!” “Yes, dear?” “Have you heard the latest music?” “I think so and I’m eating the spaghetti.”

3. Quiet, reflective music … a way to hear the softer side of music, as soft as cooked noodles of spaghetti

2. Pretty good music (spaghetti)

1. When the spaghetti is perfectly cooked and the music is perfectly chosen and all is well in 2020