When all is said and done, 2021 will be remembered as an extraordinary year full of challenges, breakthroughs, and triumphs. From a very young age, we grow up to eventually understand many things about the world … including years. And we are taught that when a year comes to an end, it’s natural to look back and review all that has happened in that particular year. It is said that to remember is to recollect. This is so very true.  

How will history remember 2021? I don’t know and neither, frankly (and honestly, it must be said) do you. 2021 might well be considered “a good year,” or “a not-so-good year.” Its legacy will depend on many things, including what kinds of years follow in its wake. For now, in this moment, my job is to make lists of the many highlights of the year of 2021 before it ends forever. This is a job I take extremely seriously. Is it because I am the best at this job — this job of making lists? Yes.

And so, we begin an annual tradition unlike any other. A tradition that has stood the test of time only to come out stronger and braver than ever before. The tradition of which I speak has a humble name — it is called “MY LISTS.” But within that simple phrase (“my lists”) we will find countless riches that will inspire and delight us, just as the year 2021 — one of the greatest years ever — inspired and delighted us. I’m not a spiritual person necessarily, but there is magic in this elegant symmetry.

With no further ado, here is the first of my year-end lists …

Here are the TOP TEN GROCERY STORES OF 2021:

10. Stylish grocery stores

9. Funky grocery stores with local character

8. Contemporary grocery stores

7. Good grocery stores

6. The grocery stores we loved in 2021

5. Some of 2021’s best grocery stores

4. Edgy grocery stores with a hint of danger … and might we say elegance?

3. Fantasy grocery stores

2. Powerful grocery stores that redefined the shopping experience

1. The greatest grocery stores ever to have been witnessed by human minds

Let’s celebrate! My lists have begun once again!