When the real world is just too much, sometimes it feels good to dip into the fantasy world of celebrity gossip. Gossip is an ancient human impulse; it’s as old as a roaring campfire around which our caveman ancestors would gather to talk about things like, “Glub-Glub is eating too many dinosaur tails, he looks fat” or “They say Bog-Flab and Kruk-Mub were kissing under the caveman mistletoe after yesterday’s hunt at Christmastime.” What I mean to convey with this example is that gossip is a very human impulse: A way to bond with our community about behavior we may not agree with, but can all agree is fun to talk about.

celebrity gossip

The unique thing about celebrity gossip is that celebrities capture the public imagination, and so their gossip is very exciting to all who know of it. Have you ever seen a celebrity magazine at the grocery store checkout line? You may have noticed a headline that took you by surprise: “I never suspected SHE would go out with HIM, she’s a big celebrity and he’s only a C-list celebrity!” That’s the power of celebrity gossip. And if you don’t believe that celebrity gossip could still be relevant in a year like 2020, just go online — you’ll find hundreds of web sites devoted to celebrity gossip, and if a celebrity is on Instagram people will talk (gossip) about them in the comments section of their Instagram account. It’s all a part of the “celebrity gossip lifestyle.”

So get ready for some juicy reading! Keep this on the hush-hush, and tell the paparazzi to look the other way, because here are the TOP TEN CELEBRITY GOSSIP STORIES OF 2020:

10. Huge actors getting in trouble

9. Bad behavior at the highest levels

8. Engagement rings for beloved celebrities … could wedding bells be far behind?

7. “They starred in a movie together … now they star in MAKING LOVE together.”

6. (TIE) Actresses yelling at people who bring them coffee / The famous man was taking a walk

5. Industry gossip about showbiz contracts

4. So-and-so from TV eats diarrhea and voted for Trump

3. Drug and alcohol problems … the dark side of being a celebrity (“getting high in showbiz city”)

2. Hollywood dirt and secrets

1. Movies