Best Of 2019: FOOD

Imagine … you enter a restaurant in 2019 … the ambience is wonderful, the music is perfectly inviting … you have a hunger inside you, and only one thing can satisfy that hunger: FOOD. 

Or, instead, imagine this … you stand in your kitchen, finally home after a long day at work … you’re hungry for a meal, but you don’t feel nervous or worried … because you went grocery shopping earlier in the week … which means your cabinets and your fridge are full of exactly what you crave: FOOD.

Finally, imagine this … you are walking down the street in 2019 … it’s a sunny weekend afternoon … you feel a pang in your stomach that can only mean one thing … (that you are hungry for food to eat) … you see a figure approaching … you are so distracted by hunger it takes a moment to realize the person is your friend … “Hey there man,” your friend says … “You look hungry, wanna take a look in my bag?” … your friend opens their bag, and what do you see inside but exactly what you desire: FOOD. 


Food is a constant of our human experience, but let’s face it: When it comes to food, some years are better than others. Fortunately this year (2019, which is almost behind us) was a memorable and significant year for food. From trendy restaurants to must-have fruits and vegetables, sometimes it seemed that everyone was eating good food in 2019. This is a fact worth celebrating — a fact worth feasting upon in the mighty dinner party of my lists!

So let’s cook up a royal dinner and sup heartily upon this list, a celebration of all things food. Here are the TOP TEN FOODS OF 2019:

10. Organic produce

9. Artisan meats

8. Modern smoothies

7. (TIE) Dairy products / Phenomenal salads

6. New rice

5. The most talked-about dishes in town

4. Delectable desserts to tempt one’s palette … and one’s naughty side

3. Food that kept us satisfied in 2019

2. Delicious forms of nutrition

1. Perfection (food)