Best Of 2019: TOILETS


Toilets are everywhere. Every American bathroom has at least one … and when you run the numbers, you quickly realize those numbers add up to a huge number (of toilets). Indeed, when it comes to using the bathroom (or, more delicately, “going to the bathroom”) toilets will always be “front of mind” — ready to work, and sometimes, ready to be cleaned. Every year is a great year for toilets, and 2019 was no different. Indeed, this year saw multiple innovations in C.T.T. (Contemporary Toilet Technology.) Never heard of C.T.T.? Get your head in the game: THE TOILET GAME.

Here are the TOP TEN TOILETS OF 2019:

10. Filthy toilets

9. Porcelain toilets

8. Potty

7. Using the toilet perfectly in 2019

6. “I’m on the toilet. Call me later.”

5. Well-engineered toilets

4. Innovative toilets that inspire and excite

3. Some of the best toilets

2. Cutting-edge toilets

1. Award-winning toilets, a testament to the perfection of toilets