Best Of 2019: TRAVEL


We will, perhaps, never know what inspires Man to travel. To go from one place to another using a plane, boat, or simple old-fashioned feet (walking) is an impulse as old as time itself. Perhaps it arises from the ancient history of traveling to market in order to sell grains and to buy a new ox and hear the news from distant provinces and/or lands. In any event, travel expands our horizons and makes our world just a little bit smaller — and quite a bit more interesting.

2019 was a great year for travel. From the castles of Europe to the architecture of Asia and even America (skyscrapers), this was the year we traveled as never before. Many languages were spoken and many new cultures were appreciated as we set off on our various journeys: Vacations, work trips, and explorations too numerous to mention can all be attributed to “the travel bug of 2019.”

In honor of that insatiable wanderlust, I am happy to present the TOP TEN TRAVELS OF 2019:

10. Foreign travels

9. Travels close to home

8. Family vacations

7. Extreme tourism for only the toughest of all men

6. Safaris

5. Travel TV shows

4. “May I have the pleasure of this travel”

3. When you travel to Thailand and see a monkey in 2019

2. Pilgrimages of all sorts

1. The greatest travels, always to be remembered